The First In A New Urban Fantasy Series By Joe Ulric


A storm is brewing, and the world isn’t ready for it. Join Jack Ladd as he sheds light on the hidden world of magic and monsters. A world you already live in, but do your best to ignore.

Welcome to the World of Jack Ladd

Long ago in the labyrinthine depths of forgotten realms, where technology and magic once intertwined, a clandestine coalition sealed the gates between Earth and mystical dimensions. But the past echoes in the present, and the emergence of a malevolent force threatens to shatter the fragile seal.

     Aided by a sometimes helpful—but always irreverent—spirit familiar, Jack leaves the comfort of home to stop that from happening. His roommate Joshua, a Native American shaman, decides to come along. Big mistake. They are forced to navigate a world where refugees from the fabled Norse realms have been living in hiding since the bronze age. Old racial tensions and mistrust complicates this task as they take on nightmarish creatures intent on showing us how insignificant we are.

     When Jack inadvertently uncovers secrets from his past, he must question his closest ally’s motives and decide if he is on the right path.

     One thing is certain: should he fail, all manner of legendary beings could quickly overrun the earth.  Beings still angry at being kept out of their playground for over five thousand years.



Blood Witch Rising

Blood Witch Reprisal

Blood Witch Vendetta